Description of the photography of Kenneth Marks

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I am a photographer who has been shooting since the mid-1970s. Although I am knowledgeable about film work, and have been in charge of extensive darkroom facilities, today I work exclusively with digital cameras and processing. I shoot portraits and landscapes, sporting events and glamour, and I am a member of Nikon Professional Services (NPS).  I shoot with Nikon and Fuji cameras. I live and work in the Washington, DC area.

My landscape photographs taken mainly in the Washington, DC area have won awards (see exhibits listed below) and I am always exploring new techniques, places to shoot, and subjects for my photography.  My sports photography focuses on sports car racing. I have traveled the world to photograph such events. In July 2010, my photos of the Allure of the Automobile Exhibit held at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, GA were featured in a 3-page layout in der Vörganger (the magazine of the Founder's Region, Porsche Club of America). Since then, I have been a Contributing Photographer for the magazine and several of my photos have appeared on the covers of, and inside, the magazine. Some of the issues in which my photographs have appeared are listed below.  I’ve also had a feature article about me— Ken Marks: Extraordinary Photographer (der Vörganger, July 2011, p 5).  My photographs have also appeared in Porsche Panorama magazine (August 2011). My portrait and glamour photography focuses on the human form and I attempt to capture the beauty of the human face and body in my photographs.  I photograph in black and white and color.

I am a tinkerer and am always looking for ways to expand my photographic experience, be it through new software, equipment or techniques.  From time to time, my experimental work will appear on my website – www.KenMarksPhotography.com.

Selected Publications (page references are to pages on which my photographs appear):

Porsche Panorama, August 2011, Lights, Cameras, Concours!, Bob Gutjahr, p 3 – 14

der Vörganger, July 2010, Rolling works of art, p 15 – 17; October 2010, Special times, special people, p 19, 21 and 22; December 2010, The oldest cabriolet in the U.S.A., p 15 – 17; December 2010, Gourmet food, autumn foliage and Porsches, p 18; July 2011, Quick Porsches color his life, Cover Photo, p 15 – 21; August 2011, A man of many car experiences, p 15 – 17; October 2010, Special times, special people, p 19, 21 and 22; November 2011, Baltimore Grand Prix, p 27; May 2012, A Survivor and a Craftsman, cover, 15 – 17; November 2012, cover; May 2013, cover; July 2012, Annual Deutsch Marque Concours, p 16 – 22; July 2013, back cover; August 2013, back cover; September 2013, Pumpelly Aims to Add to Victory Total, p 19, back cover; November 2013, Baltimore Grand Prix, cover, p 12; December 2013, An Old Coupe Lives Again, cover, p 15 – 19; June 2014, A Spectacular Deutsche Marque, p 20 – 21; May 2014, Porsche Museum, cover, p 17 – 18; July 2014, Steps to Photographing Cars, p 19 – 22; October 2014, VIR race report, p. 10; March 2015, My 24 Hours of Daytona Shoot, p 10; June 2015, 2015 Deutsche Marque Concours d’ Elegance, p 27, cover; November 2015, VIR Race Report, p 22; March 2016, Rolex 24 Photos, p 22; October 2016, VIR Race Report, p 19, cover.

Selected Exhibits:

Circle Gallery, Annapolis, Md., Maryland Federation of Art 2009 American Landscape Exhibit (multimedia exhibit juried by Claudia Rousseau), September – October, 2009.

Circle Gallery, Annapolis, Md., Maryland Federation of Art Chesapeake Watershed Photography Exhibit (juried by Richard Olsenius), June – July, 2009; Awarded Honorable Mention.

Dorchester Center for the Arts, Landscapes Near and Far, A selection of photographs showcasing Maryland and the D.C. area, our nations's national parks, and spectacular locations around the world presented by Lee M. Goodwin, Ken Marks, and Frank Lee Ruggles, July 3 - 26, 2014


All photographs are available for purchase for private use; however they are copyrighted and may not be used for commercial purpose without my express written consent (and, of course, without obtaining the appropriate license).

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