First, let me say "Thanks for looking". Building a blog is something I have wanted to do for a long time and finally I have the chance. I will be writing here from time to time and I hope you enjoy following along.

New Camera(s). Wahooo!

Not one but two new cameras. Let’s go in order.

Since I have the Fuji X-Pro1, it was a natural that I also buy a Fuji X-T1; I have Fuji and Zeiss lens that will fit both. The X-T1 is a stunner. I love all the buttons on top. I like the articulated screen on the back. I really like the Fuji skin tones. The camera is also small and compact. The X-Pro1 is actually larger. I did not expect that. But the X-Pro1 and the X-T1 complement each other. I will use the X-Pro1 as my “street shooter” camera and the X-T1 for the rest.

The menu system in the X-T1 is similar to the X-Pro1 so setting up the X-T1 was easy. I checked the settings and fired off a few shots the night I got it. High ISO was not bad.

The first real test of the X-T1 was in the studio. (As a matter of fact, I used the other camera the first time then too.) There were no surprises during the shoot. The camera performed nicely. I did have trouble setting up the WiFi though. The iPad I wanted to see the pictures on wanted to switch to the office WiFi instead of staying on the camera WiFi. So this is something I have to look into. I used the 56mm f1.2 lens and it was great. This is the 85mm equivalent that I need for the Fuji system! This lens and my Zeiss 12mm f2.8 are my favorite lens for the Fuji system. I used the Zeiss extensively for my trip to the Porsche museum (see the other blog entry) and I think I will use the 56mm at least as much.

The other camera – a Nikon D4s. This camera replaced my Nikon D800. I now have a D4 and a D4s for my event, motorsports, and car photography. The differences between the D4 and D4s are subtle but the cameras are different. The feel in the hands is very familiar.

You will notice in the above that I haven’t said much about picture quality of the X-T1 and the D4s. I didn’t because Lightroom and Photoshop don’t support them yet! There is a release candidate available but that is in Beta. I think I will wait until Photoshop is updated. I’ll post more when I get Lightroom/Photoshop up and running.